Audience Survey
Audience Survey

Survey: Wet Hot Beauties Summer 2015 – Wipe Out! 5 free public water ballet beach performances at 5 beaches across Auckland.

SURVEY CONCLUSIONS DRAWN from sample of 184 responses gathered on the beaches straight after the performances and online.

  • WHBs are attracting new audiences, with new attendees to the beaches, plus to our shows, AND not just because they know and are supporting someone performing. Indicates wide strong appeal.
  • Satisfaction surveyed shows people hugely enjoyed the WHBs show
  • 100% would recommend coming to see a WHB show.
  • Nearly half of those surveyed see it’s something they’d like to be involved in, strengthens participation in our community.
  • Visitation showed WHBs are clearly bringing people to the beaches surveyed, specifically for this event – and are bringing new visitors who seldom visit, to these beaches.
  • The origin of visitors showed most were not local to that beach, that WHBs bring people to the area. WHBs activate local beaches.
  • Marketing for the shows showed strong support by knowing someone in this large ensemble, or by word of mouth. Personal connection is strongest.
  • This year was WHBs first participation in the Splore Festival, and was hugely successful in terms of participation levels, audience numbers, company satisfaction, plus Splore audiences surveyed rated it as a festival highlight.
  • Visitors to Auckland surveyed said that the WHBs made them significantly more aware of what Auckland has to offer & significantly made their visit to Auckland more enjoyable.
  • Locals felt hugely thrilled and honoured about the show being held at their local beach.
  • Massive appeal to locals and visitors. 96% of Aucklanders surveyed said that hosting the WHBs significantly makes Auckland a more enjoyable place to live and increases their pride in our city.
  • Wet Hot Beauties successfully show they are strongly established and highly valued in Auckland’s artistic culture.
  • The WHBs bring joy and participation, pride and satisfaction to audiences and the Auckland region.

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Many thanks to COGO Consulting


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