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Wet Hot Beauties Co-producer & Co-creator Judy Dale, has been awarded a place worth over $30,000 on the prestigious ART Venture Programme, the robust year-long creative enterprise accelerator programme offered by ART – Arts Regional Trust.

Judy is one of twelve creative entrepreneurs recognised and celebrated for their talent, passion and drive at the 2016 ART Venture Awards event in Auckland on 31 August 2016.

Judy Dale brings the project Wet Hot Beauties, which she shares with her creative partners Pip Hall and Lara Liew, to the year-long programme where Judy will receive direct personalised input to help develop strategies to take this creative enterprise and projects from strength to strength.

“My goals include taking Wet Hot Beauties, our modern Water Ballet company to the next level and in the process becoming an even better producer of arts events. Over the next couple of years, my focus is on creating a firm company backbone, developing best-practice processes and enabling creative development of our artform so that we can provide high-quality unique arts experiences that are professionally-led, community focused and all inclusive.” says Judy.

She says “Wet Hot Beauties is where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and by continuing to deliver high-quality popular arts happenings in our region, we’re firmly establishing our work in Auckland’s cultural sector. It’s exciting to see large scale attendance and participation in such a unique theatrical dance experience while also making a solid contribution to increasing body-positivity, leisure/arts involvement, sense of belonging and self-development amongst participants and audiences alike.”

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If you’d like to contribute advice, mentoring, and sponsorship to Wet Hot Beauties – please email us at .

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