Good Morning – TVNZ Dec 13 2012

Close Up – TVNZ – April 2010: “40 women all glammed up and frolicking together in their swimsuits…”
Close Up interview April2010

“40 women all glammed up and frolicking together in their swimsuits – this is a spectacle at any time of course – but on this particular occasion they were even frolicking in time. Sort of sycronised frolicking. They’ve been inspired by the syncronised swimmers of the 1940s to put on shows of their own.” Mike Hosking

“Just wanted to say congratulations! After watching the Close Up news piece on your event last week I am very impressed, as I know how much effort gets put into a group like this.  I used to coach Synchronised Swimming in Auckland and also for New Zealand a few years ago. You have done the small community of the ‘synchro world’ proud! WELL DONE TO ALL!” – Julia Broad, April 2010


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